Self Kindness workshops

self kindess workshops in york

Do you…
  • Find it far easier to be kind to others than you do to yourself?
  • Wish you could put yourself first sometimes, and make time to do things that you really love, but then feel guilty when you do take the time to show yourself some kindness?
  • Sabotage yourself with destructive behaviour?

With this self kindness workshop, learn or remind to give yourself kindness.

Self kindness, also known as self compassion. can help us to approach our lives differently. It’s proven that the self kindness reduces anxiety and depression, and makes us feel happier.

Why do we often put ourselves last?

Putting ourselves behind the needs of others is a common problem.
Society teaches us that looking after ourselves, and taking time to put ourselves first is selfish.
We can struggle with self kindness such as eating well, doing things that make us happy and giving ourselves a break when things don’t quite go to plan.
This can often lead to low self esteem, a lack of confidence and spiralling into depression and low mood.

So how can you find a balance in being kind to yourself?

 In this introductory workshop we will cover:
  • Why we find it hard to be kind to ourselves
  • What we do to sabotage our own self care.
  • Learn the subtle ways we sabotage ourselves and how to recognise  and stop them in their tracks!
  • Tools and techniques to help you develop self kindness
We’ll look at how we can be kinder to ourselves and at the end you’ll come out with an action plan to help you continue on your journey to be kinder to yourself.

Next workshop

Saturday 26th May-  10am to 1pm
Community Wellbeing Centre –  14 Merchants Place, Merchantgate, York, YO1 9TU 
£25 for workshops (£20 if you’re in receipt of a benefit).
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Places are limited to a small group so book early to avoid disappointment.

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