Managing Stress with Mindfulness Workshops

44% of us suffer from long term stress, and the impact it has on our physical and mental health can lead to us feeling unwell, depressed, anxious and unhappy.

Stress places a physical toll on our body, and often prolonged stress can lead to burnout.

It’s commonplace to see stress in the workplace now, with a culture of work hard, play hard and employees finding it harder than ever to take a break and switch off outside of working hours.

managing stress with mindfulness workshops

How can mindfulness help?

Mindfulness can help by bringing your focus back to the present, and helping you realise that there is only now.

By leaving stressful situations  and taking time out, and giving yourself kindness, you will find alternative ways to de-stress, unwind and avoid stress in the first place.

This workshop aims to highlight the ways we can reduce stress in our lives, by using mindfulness.

What we will cover in the workshop

We’ll look at:

The impacts of stress on the body and mind
How mindfulness can help reduce stress
Practical exercises to bring you back to the present moment and bring mindfulness into your every day
Meditation and it’s use in reducing stress
Making mindful changes to your life to reduce stress

Next workshop

Saturday 28th April – 10am to 1pm
Community Wellbeing Centre –  14 Merchants Place, Merchantgate, York, YO1 9TU 
£25 for workshops (£20 if you’re in receipt of a benefit).
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