Here’s where you’ll find all the downloads you need to help you lead a calmer, more peaceful and happier mindful life. From reducing anxiety to boosting happiness, there’s lots to find.

I’m adding stuff all the time so look out for free worksheets you can use on your own or with friends, free printable sheets, and watch out for the upcoming workbook which will help you get on the right path to the life you want to lead.


How to stop catastrophising  – Do you find yourself worrying about the worst case scenario or find that your thoughts spiral? This worksheet is for you. Click on the link to download.


Reducing anxiety  – Do you suffer with anxiety? Do you find yourself having panic attacks, or struggling to manage it on daily life. This worksheet will help you to start managing it. Click on the link to download.



Reducing Anxiety

Habit breaking  – Do you have habits you wish you could change?  This worksheet will help you with starting to make changes. Click on the link to download.

Habit breaking

Being Present- Do you find yourself ruminating on the past, longing for what you once had, or wishing you could change things? Do you worry about what the future might hold? Do you wish you could live in the present? There are two worksheets for you on Being Present.  Click on the links to download.

Being Present

Living in the Present

Meditation –  Do you struggle with meditating. Would you like to be able to learn to meditate. This worksheet will get you started.  Click on the links to download.


Being Kind-  Being kind can  bring increased wellbeing, and even improve your physical health. Get started here. Click  to download.

Being Kind

New beginnings-  Do you find yourself have pre-conceived ideas about everything? Does this affect your life? Try the new beginnings worksheet to look at things through fresh eyes. Click  to download.

New Beginnings

Happiness-  Do you wish you were happier? Is your life lacking happiness? Start changing that here. Click  to download.

Being Happy