Living the Hygge life -10 hygge tips


A while ago I blogged about Hygge

Back then it wasn’t even getting close to the -4 temperatures we’er seeing now in the morning. It was all pretty sunrises and rolling mists across the fields. Since then natures got ugle and hygge seems more necessary than ever. It’s cold out there, you’ve got to wear sensible shoes not to slip over, and it takes a vat of Vaseline to keep your skin from flaking off. Winter. Pah.

So I thought I would update you on how I’ve adopted hygge this year to get me through the dark , cold days of the season that time forgot. Here’s some of my top hygge tips to keep you sane through Winterville…

1.Candlelight. There’s lots of candles in our little cottage and we’re adding more. There’s something about candlelight, apart from the little bit of heat it gives that says hygge, or stay indoors and everything will be OK

2.Thermal socks – Really don’t need to elaborate more I think? Hygge essential

3. Fire – Obviously real is best, but if like us you’re in a modern place, and haven’t quite got round to saving for a wood burner, or a bio ethanol fire, try one of the modern electric ones. We’ve got a lovely one with a convector heater and some really fake logs that lights up. The dogs love it. I love it. What’s not to love?

4.Hot chocolate – When the weather outside is frightful, there’s only one thing for it. Proper hot chocolate with milk (or soya if like me milk doesn’t like you), some cream (ditto soya) and a few sprinkles on top

5.Baths – I love a winter bath, and this time of year, indulging in a bubble bath is going to up the hygge-ometer. Try a Lush bath bomb or treat yourself to some molten brown indulgence

6.Flannel PJs – OK not sexy but sooo lovely in winter. Old fashioned PJs are my favourite. Check out asos curve for some sale spectaculars

7.Body butter – there’s nothing like winter to dry the skin out. Dispense with the light moisturisers of summer. Slather on some lovely scented butter and feel the moisture sink in. Try this one from Soap and Glory which is my favourite and smells of limes!

8.Lamps – and lots of them. Overhead lighting is harsh. Have different lamps all over the place with lots of light in them. You’ll create a cosy lady cave before you know it,

9.Twinkly lights – We’ve got little battery operated star lights on our headboard . My wife calls them Jo lights. I love them because they make the bedroom look cosy.

10. Finally batten down the hatches, turn off the phone and watch old fashioned films or read a book you’ve been meaning to get to. Here you will need your hygge essentials of PJs, thermal socks, candles, hot chocolate, fire…hell pretty much you can hygge away to your hearts content here, safe in the knowledge that the daffodils have started poking through and it won’t last forever.

Have you got your own hygge traditions going this year? Let me know what they are



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